Association of Thai Innovation and Invention Promotion


About ATIP

Association of Thai Innovation and Invention Promotion (ATIP) is non-profit organization established by professional inventors/innovators from private sectors and academic professors from many universities in Thailand. It serves a responsibility of encouraging technical cooperation for innovative ideas along with promoting the creative thinking. meanwhile, ATIP encourages application of innovative ideas and development of its commercial exploitation. We also advice and catalyze the formation of network associated with research work, invention and innovation with a target for all sectors. To achieve these missions ATIP plans to promote and enhance international collaboration among members, associations and innovation institutions including IFIA to facilitate innovation ecosystem worldwide.


•   promote coordination among the various innovation and invention agencies to work systematically with greater efficiency
•   encourage the establishment of research, technical training , and creation for innovation and invention
•   cooperate and coordinate with academic institutions and other charities to achieve the objectives of the association


•   collect and disseminate knowledge of innovation and invention
•   organize a tour to promote innovation and creative thinking
•   hold training course for instructors and youth inventors (Education for beginners)
•   provide consultation and education on intellectual property rights
•   participate and assist members to join the competitions associated with IFIA
Address1695 Rangsit-Nakornayok 64 Str., Thanyaburi Patumthani 12130
Telephone+66 2 050 7534